10 Reasons Why We LOVE This Submarine!

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Source: DesignBoom
Date: November 27, 2015

The u-boat worx ?c-explorer 3?s 360? fully acrylic pressure hull provides an unparalleled experience to its one pilot and two passengers.

Here are the top ten reasons we LOVE this toy:

1. 360 panoramic views.
2. You can ride with a partner.
3. Operational times of up to 16 hours.
4. Maximum depth of 3,300 feet/1,000 meters.
5. The sub weighs just 5950kg ? excluding the passengers.
6. A reliable, economic and versatile work platform for research, exploration, maintenance and archaeology.
7. The ?c-explorer? can carry tools such as HD cameras, lights and manipulator arms to help scientists function.
8. The 423 x 320 x 233cm submarine has a 43.2 kWH electrical lithium-ion battery that propels it to speeds of three knots when submerged and four knots when on the surface.
9. The captain and observers can sit comfortably in upright seats and in a cabin that?s temperature and humidity can be maintained throughout the voyages.
10. Can be kept on a yacht as its width for storage is only 290cm.

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