Why Boat Show Avenue?

Boat Show Avenue is a trusted global boating community for boaters to browse, and find their dream boats from hundreds of shipyards worldwide.

Whether you are looking for a dinghy, pontoon boat, fishing center console, cruiser or a superyacht, browse thousands of different boats models from hundreds of different shipyards worldwide.

Step onboard, take a complete VR walk through, read review & specs, watch videos, layouts and pictures. Boat Show Avenue works with no commission and no intermediary so you can be sure to get the best price and service from the builders or dealers directly.
Read this message below because it immediately affects you!

Sales & Marketing Has Changed More In The Last 5 Years Than In The Last 50!

A few years ago, customers were doing 33% of the research on their own and 67% of their buying journey was done with the help of the sales person. The game has changed and today’s customers are doing, on average, 85% of the research on their own (via the Internet) and the 15% remaining with the sales person. Marketing now counts for 85% of the buying journey and represents the core of your business. The goal of marketing is to properly educate but also position your prospects so that by the time they come to see you, they are pre-motivated and pre-qualified to buy.

Science has proven that VR is the best tool to engage and qualify prospects online today!

* Stanford Neuroscience researchers found that VR content provide the highest brain engagement compared to any other type of content.

Showing simple pictures of your boats is a nice idea, in theory but in reality, this practice can actually reduce your leads and sales. It may even be selling more boats for your competitors! Flat, lifeless images will never do enough justice to the splendor of experiencing a boat in person and just like any clients look at addresses online on Google Street view, they would expect you to have a 360 VR of your boat.

Do you currently have quality virtual tours for your boats and want to be listed on Boat Show Avenue?

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