15 Things About Cruise Ships We BET You Didn't Know!

Author: Nicolas Saugnac
Date: July 29, 2016

If you ever considered going on a cruise aboard one of this luxury resorts of the sea, take the time to read this crazy facts about cruise ships!

15. Many cruise ships don?t have a 13th deck

14. Following Hurricane Katrina, Tulane University in New Orleans housed students in a cruise ship for the duration of the semester

13. Half of all cruise line passengers begin their journeys in Florida (mostly in Miami)

12. The Oasis of the Seas uses around 2400 gallons of fuel every single hour

11. In Florida, Disney cruise ships share the same port with ballistic missile submarines

10. In emergencies, cruise ships don?t have any extra blood stored away. Instead, they rely on other passengers or crew.

9. A billionaire from Australia has funded a new Titanic. It will leave port from England in 2016

8. Disney once built a $30 million resort in the Bahamas but had to abandon it because their cruise ships couldn?t dock close enough to land. It was poor planning on Disney?s part.

7. Since 2000, nearly 200 people have disappeared from cruise ships.

6. The World is the name of an actual cruise ship that people permanently live on

5. On older cruise liners, the fourth chimney was usually just used for show to give off an air of prestige (like on the Titanic)

4. On average, a cruise ship will have employees of about 64 different nationalities.

3. In 1991, when the Oceanos sank off of South Africa?s eastern coast, the crew abandoned ship and guitarist Moss Hills led the rescue effort

2. Cruise ships usually have a morgue with enough room for 1 to 3 bodies

1. Cruise ships operating in the Indian Ocean are equipped with high pressure hoses and powerful sound cannons to deter pirates

Article via Humans at Sea

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