3 boats in 1, the amazing Van Diemen Sports Limousine super yacht tender!

Author: C.C. Weiss
Source: Gizmag
Date: April 20, 2015

This is the brand new Sports Limousine, designed and crafted by Tasmania?s Van Diemen Luxury Crafts.

It is a multi-use boat, giving you a cozy fishing boat, a roomy semi-enclosed limousine and a compact tender, all while buying just one boat.

The electric roof is what makes the magic happen, in the most open configuration, the roof panels rest atop the gunwale, according to Van Diemen this is the perfect configuration for transiting at speed and maintaining clear visibility.

You can also lift the roof partially to create a covered cabin space, this is the limousine configuration and it can shelter up to eight passengers, on cozy sofas and with a panoramic view.

When the roof is fully deployed this amazing machine becomes the ultimate fishing boat. The windows can be retracted to provide a breezy, open air layout.

You can switch from limousine to fishing boat and from fishing boat to cruiser in just seconds.

Van Diemen introduced the Sports Limousine last September and offers the craft in various sizes from 5.5 m (18 ft) on up, starting at AU$150,000 (approx. US$114,000).

Check it out in action.

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