$3 million is what it takes to park your yacht on this “Dockominium” + Video

Author: CNN Money
Date: March 24, 2015

After reading this, we guarantee that you?ll never complaint about how much it costs to park your car.

We all know from previous Marine News posts that the cost of having a superyachts goes way beyond of the actual purchase, one of the expenses that owners need to take under consideration is parking.

There?s a new ?dockominium? in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that is charging up to $3 million for yacht parking!

Each boat slips come with a two-story storage with an enclosed garage and additional car parking.

The ?Dockominium? is only five minutes away from Fort Lauderdale airport and features a beach club, a pool, barbeque, entertainment and fitness centers.

Construction is set to begin in May and is scheduled to be finished in time for summer 2016. So far, eight of the 26 slips are sold.

Check out the promotional video:

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