6 Jaw-Dropping Superyachts Designed By Architects

Author: Adam Clark Estes
Source: gizmodo
Date: August 02, 2016

Generally speaking, architects are brilliant and creative people with a wide range of talents. That sort of versatility is part of what makes them good architects in the first place. But let's be honest. Just because some people are good at a lot of things does not mean they're good at everything. Take yachts, for instance.

For whatever reason, architects like to design yachts. It doesn't matter if they know anything about how boats work or what actually makes a vessel seaworthy. They like to design yachts?especially superyachts?and they like them flashy. What tends to ensue is an elastic set of assumptions about the balance between form and function. Or lack thereof.

Let's look at a few examples, and try to discern the yachts that can actually float from the yachts that look like the architect's design software got a virus and just mashed up a bunch of volumes into a single alien form.

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