$7484 Per Night: This Numarine 78 HT Yacht Is Hong Kong's Most Expensive Airbnb

Author: Ben Westcott
Source: SCMP
Date: August 31, 2015

Airbnb has become a very popular way to explore foreign cities and get to know other places.

And in Hong Kong, the most expensive Airbnb is a yacht: The Numarine 78 HT.

It costs $7484 per night it can hold up to six guests in its three bedrooms ? one master, one guest room and one ?VIP room?. It even has an on-deck cinema.

Eric Noyel, the businessman who owns the vessel said: ?I wanted to see if there?d be any interest on Airbnb but mostly it?s been from the press and people making movies. The two inquiries I had were asking for special prices, but it?s a flat fee.

?I have a liking for things about shared economies? it?s all about sharing values, sharing asset. I just like Airbnb so I thought I?d put something special on there. I think people are curious.?

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