A Look Inside The Luxury Superyacht Of The Stolichnaya's Vodka Owner

Author: Nick V
Source: Hey Gents
Date: June 02, 2015

We?re sure you?ve heard of it, this ?Serene? superyacht may have you seriously considering a career change!

This yacht was built for Yuri Scheffer owner of Stolichnaya Vodka, and it had a cost of US$330 million back in 2011, now is available for charter from 1.6 million a week, as Bill Gates did in 2014.

?Serene? can be the guest of 24 and 52 crew, among the amenities we can find a swimming pool, 2 Jacuzzis, sub, cinema, spa, sauna, climbing wall, snow room (yeah, snow room), cocktail bar, wet bar, grand piano, dance floor, library, glass elevator, barbecue, pizza oven, teppanyaki grill and multi-deck water slide.

Sounds like fun right? Well if you can?t afford to charter this amazing vessel don?t worry! You can take this photo tour and feel just like if you were inside it.

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