A New Kind Of Wake Board That Will Leave You Wanting More!

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Source: Pavati
Date: December 09, 2015

Introducing the new Pavati AL-24, the most innovative, powerful and durable wake boat available. Pavati wake boats are built from raw, natural aluminum.

That means they?ll never break down, shatter rot, rust, or emit harmful fumes. Pavati boats are built to last forever. 24 feet of pure excitement, ?Built Ford Tough?? with Indmar Ford Raptor engines ( GM and diesel also available) to provide the thrust and on-demand torque every wake and surf enthusiast craves.

Every aspect is engineered using the most advanced manufacturing technology available including our exclusive Rip Tide? Surf System. More durable than fiberglass, the lighter weight and maintenance free properties of aluminum are more economical on ? and off the water.

Indestructible, outstanding performances, innovative technology ? the Pavati AL-24, pure elements never die.

The AL-24 is built from 0.25? aluminum, making it significantly stronger than its fiberglass counterparts, and yet requiring far less room for structural support. That means more room for storage, more seating, and a fully integrated welded ballast. And with a solid aluminum body, it doesn?t need a ?rub rail? to hide the 2-piece hull. That means more strength and a classier presentation.

Pavati owners boast the most environmentally friendly wake boat ever built. Not only does the AL-24 consume less fossil fuel in transport and operation, but also aluminum is a completely natural and raw material. That means no toxic chemicals or emissions whatsoever. And since it?s natural, all scrap material in the manufacturing process is recyclable.

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