A Pirate-Hunting GHOST?

Author: Erik Sofge
Date: April 28, 2015

This is ?Ghost? and although it looks like a spaceship it is actually a seaborne combat vessel.

Greg Sancoff, the founder of the start-up Juliet Marine Systems, tells popular science that Ghost could serve many functions, including as a luxury speedboat or an attack ship for Navy SEALs.

But the mission it appears best suited to is fighting pirates. With tremendous speed, and triple the range of any comparably sized vessel, Ghost is a natural interceptor.

And because it rides above the water on robotically stabilized pontoons, it remains steady in all but the roughest of seas. While attackers would struggle to aim weapons from a bucking, heaving boat, armed crew members on Ghost can engage with relative ease as it bears down at full throttle.

If we were pirates, we would be scared of this amazing combat machine, and you?

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