A Yacht With Plenty Of 'Attitude'

Date: November 08, 2016

Each generation has different attitudes than those of their forebearers. Why not, then, design a yacht that follows suit? Introducing the concept project Attitude, created by Rossinavi with a studio that defies the conventions of the yacht-design crowd.

Styling and interior design for the 174-foot (53-meter) Attitude comes from A++. Headquartered in Switzerland, it specializes in architecture, interior design, as well as product design. It?s collaborated with Trusardi Casa, for example, plus luxury-residence developers around the world. A++?s partners, Paolo Colombo and Carlo Colombo (no relation), bring together designers and engineers from multiple disciplines and cultures, purposely to generate different ideas.

Carlo Colombo says that for Attitude, he wanted her aft profile to have a new ?sign,? much like a sculpture. He used a metal ring, as seen above, to frame her decks. (Fittingly, the yacht?s construction is all aluminum.) Inspiration came from a nautilus shell, famous buildings, and even the curves of Ferraris, he adds.

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