And This... Is How You Catch A Marlin [Video]

Author: BHK Media
Source: Vimeo
Date: July 30, 2015

We recommend you see the entire video, but if you want to see the real deal of it then we suggest you jump to min 3.

We assure you, you?ve never seen any footage of catching a Marlin from that perspective.

Check it out, it?s awesome!

Miss Behavin Marlin Madness-Rough Edit from BHK Media on Vimeo.

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Los Suenos, Costa Rica. Brooks Kelm, Michael Herd, and HD Perkins go 22 for 36 on Blue Marlin in 2 days with Capt. Jose Reyes on the Miss Behavin fishing one of the top marlin spots in the world.
Filmed and Edited by Brooks Kelm.
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