Britain's Youngest Captain Smashes Into Rocks A £300,000 Fishing Boat!

A ship skippered by Britain's youngest fishing boat captain has been broken up for scrap after the teenager smashed the ?300,000 vessel into rocks.

Jake Bowman-Davies, 17, lost his way in the dark and ran aground after a two-day fishing trip in the Irish Sea.

His father, Tim Bowman-Davies, 42, hoped to save the valuable boat, the second one Jake has lost this year.

But it was written off by salvage experts and ended up in several pieces on a beach at Angle, Pembrokeshire. Local coastguard Ieuan Wiliams said: "The vessel broke its back on the rocks and could not be salvaged.

"The captain is the youngest in Britain and he's been involved in one or two incidents.

"But he has all the relevant qualifications to do the job and has been working on boats all his life.

"We are not in a position to question his capabilities."

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