BSA Wooden Boat Selection: The 1960 Riva Trirone Special Cadillac Powerboat

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Source: Italian Ways
Date: November 06, 2015

Carlo Riva created the Tritone Special Cadillac in 1960. After leading his great-grandfather?s company for a decade, he was finally living the dream he had harbored since his youth: to build a range of ?Rolls-Royces for the sea?.

Commissioned by the Como-born industrialist Achille Roncoroni, the Tritone Special was meant to be the largest and fastest motorboat of its time. It had to be unique. Riva indulged his client with an 8.5-meter-long craft and 650 horsepower Cadillac-Crusader Marine V-8 engines: christened ?Ribot III? by its owner, the powerboat had no competition. Riva refused to make another similar model even when king Hussein of Jordan asked him.

Roncoroni skippered his Tritone Special for about ten years, both in Lake Como and around Sardinia.

And today the ?Ribot III? still makes a splash anywhere it goes.

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