California Coast Guard Makes $181M Drug Bust From A Homemade Subarine/Boat Carrying 16,000 lbs of cocaine!

Author: Associated Press Reporter
Source: MailOnline
Date: August 07, 2015

The US Coast Guard that is based in Northern California seized not less than 12,000 pounds of cocaine from a very strange vessel in the souths of Mexico, making it the largest bust of its kind.

4,000 pounds of the drug was lost when the 40ft long semi-submersible sank as it was towed back to shore.

KNTV reports Thursday that Chief Warrant Officer Allyson Conroy says that the crew based in Alameda, California, also apprehended four suspected smugglers.

This are the facts according to MailOnline:

- The drugs are valued at $181 million.
- This are the facts according to MailOnline:
- The bust was made about 200 miles south of Mexico last month.
- It was not announced until Wednesday.
- The names of the suspects were not released, but the four men were all Colombian.
- The men did not resist.
- The drugs were found on a semi-submersible vessel, which was almost completely submerged, with just the cockpit and the exhaust pipe visible above water.
- 'These (vessels) are made specifically for drug trafficking,' Conroy told the network.
- 'This one was painted blue, so that it would blend into the water, all that you can see from the air is the cock pit and exhaust pipe.
- 'They are very difficult to see.'

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