Can You Guess How Much This Superyacht Door Handle Costs?

Author: Diane M. Byrne
Date: November 11, 2015

The old saying about all that glitters not being gold holds true, at least in this case. The sparkly substance in the picture above is diamond dust. It?s complemented by additional diamonds around the base. This door handle is called Tribute to Doha, though we prefer the nickname given by its creators, F.Ili Razeto & Casareto. They call it the 100K, the cost in euros. That?s nearly the cost in dollars, too: specifically $107,000. Tribute to Doha, a.k.a. 100K, could very well be the most expensive superyacht handle around.

The handle itself is galvanized brass, backlit with LEDs. F.Ili Razeto & Casareto patented the lighting system, too. It?s programmable, too, with three levels of brightness and 10 colors. Those colors reflect onto a titanium-covered grip. The titanium used for the 100K is perforated, allowing the light to reflect onto the door.

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