Can You Imagine Arriving To Work On This??

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Source: PsiPunk
Date: February 24, 2016

Amphi-X Amphibious Vehicle for Dubai 2030 Concept by Beichen Nan is futuristic concept amphibious vehicle, made for Dubai in 2030.

This kind of project was inspired by articles that Beichen Nan, the designer, read on the Top Gear magazine. It discussed concerning amphibious vehicle designs and how we could really employ the alternative route regarding traveling instead of using busy congested roads especially in big cities.

According to this article, Amphi-X has been designed to answer the challenge on designing a good amphibious vehicle that doesn?t use a large hull underneath its body or any water propeller sticking out from the back in the car.

So, this kind of futuristic transportation design blends a boat and a car in to one aesthetically appealing amphibious vehicle.

The actual other thing that inspired this industrial designer would be the fact that many automotive manufacturers are trying difficult to deliver compact and also small vehicle although almost in all major cities there are virtually unused arterial waterways.

So, rather than having to get stuck inside the traffic, why not getting advantage the rivers or waterways and turn every journey into a great enjoyable and pleasant cruise along the particular water with Amphi-X.

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