Can You Imagine Sleeping Inside An Underwater Shark Tank?

Author: thejournal
Source: thejournal
Date: April 04, 2016

FANS OF AQUARIUMS and the film ?Jaws? take note: Airbnb is offering three people and their guests a free night?s stay inside the shark tank of Aquarium de Paris in April.
Winners of the competition will stay in Airbnb?s first ever underwater bedroom for one night between 11 and 13 April in an enclosed chamber surrounded by 35 sharks.
A clear 360-degree wall will be the only thing separating guests from their feared neighbours, making the prospect of a good night?s sleep unlikely.

To win a stay, prospective guests need to write to Airbnb with information about themselves along with an original reason for why they deserve to sleep beside sharks (with an explanation of 50-550 words). Entries are due by 10.59 pm Irish time on 3 April.
Contestants must be over the age of 18, medically fit (guests may need to show a medical certificate upon request and their weight must not exceed 190kg), and able to climb easily in and out of the bedroom, according to the Airbnb listing.
The listing?s house rules are also unconventional. Guests are warned not to take selfies after dark, for example, as ?sharks are sensitive to light,? and to ?keep your heads and feet into the bedroom at all times.?

Take a look inside the underwater bedroom?

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