Check Out The Rossinavi "TARANSAY" Official Video! [MUST WATCH]

Author: Rossi Navi
Source: YouTube
Date: November 05, 2015

Rossivani recently unveiled the official video of the timeless 39M superyacht TARANSAY.

The video is breathtaking and has an incredible speech:

"It is a human force which has pushed us to explore from the first day we were born on Earth
It is constant vision of a new pathway?
Never-ending desire to explore?
It is accumulated marine tradition?
Time is the measure of our experience?
We are the persistence of experience, beyond time itself?
Crossing boundaries, certain of the long term?
Fearless of what has passed and what is to come?
Moving forward, it is a constant reaching, a need to keep going
Go, make dreams real
in search of a history we can call our own
The need to discover
To explore unknown places
To cover infinite distances.
Because travelling is a meaning itself.
Because we are our own vessels."


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