Daily Marine news 07-15-2015 [Video]

Author: Boat Show Avenue
Source: YouTube
Date: July 15, 2015

Headlines: Azzam in Scotland, new yacht IWANA, Prestige Yachts has the most epic launch ever, Roger Federer playing tennis on a boat, yacht design Cronos & best superyacht decks.

It?s July 15th and this is Vincent with your daily marine news

1. Eclipse held the title of the world?s largest superyacht before being pushed back to the second spot by the 180m Azzam, at 162.5m. She was spotted by MT Photography in Bergen Norway in June, and in Scotland a couple of days ago. Check out the stunning pictures up on BoatShowAvenue!

2. The British designer Alex McDiarmid teamed up with Stef-Albert to create the interior design for the amazing 87m mega yacht IWANA. These two designers have very different skills, but for this yacht they came together and made a magnificent interior design for the luxury yacht.

3. Have you ever seen that Disney show where they project some amazing lights over the castle? Well, Prestige Yachts just launched their new 680 and used the boat as a projector to create the same, maybe even cooler, effects. This, with the incredible night and the beautiful yacht, makes this launch probably the coolest one we?ve ever seen!

4. If you like tennis, Roger Federer and classic speedboats, hold on to your seats! The pro tennis player managed to take his game to another level, or should we say to another setting? He played against local legend Lleyton Hewitt a motor boat tennis game. Don?t miss it!

5. Cronos is an amazing and timeless yacht design, the all wood yacht has elaborate flooring and siding that leaves little to be desired from additional furnishings. Its stunningly intricate woodwork almost seems to grow from within the opulent interior and extend across spacious decks before pouring over into the water.

6. There?s no doubt that the deck is one of the defining key features of every superyacht. A bad deck can make an amazing yacht turn into an oh-yeah-whatever yacht. That?s why today we?re bringing the best superyachts decks that we could find, enjoy and let us know which one is your favorite.

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