Daily Marine news 07-17-2015 [Video]

Author: Boat Show Avenue
Source: YouTube
Date: July 17, 2015

Headlines: Eclipse is out and about again, ORCHID has completed her sea trial, video you must see, $500 million yacht, and another shark video that will give you the chills.

It?s July 17th and this is Morgane with your daily marine news

1. Yes that?s right, ?ECLIPSE? is being spotted everywhere letting people all over the world watch the amazing extension of the luxurious superyacht. Now she?s been spotted in Copenhague. Check out the stunning new pictures!

2. The new 91m LURSSEN mega yacht ORCHID has successfully completed its sea trials in the Baltic Sea, and word is out that it managed to get an A+. It was designed by Reymond Langton Design and is scheduled for delivery in late summer 2015.

3. This is a video that you really don?t want to miss! It features the impressive 70m low energy Diamond 70 yacht. Designed by AvaDesign. It?s equipped with hybrid propulsion system, two diesel engines and two electric engines coupled with gas turbines, enabling the New Diamond to cruise with respectable energy usage and economic savings.

4. Believe it or not, what you are about to see is a superyacht? The Russian boat designer Igor Labanov came up with a superyacht that is almost impossible to believe. The $500 million concept vessel from afar looks like a beautiful icy glacier or a rising evening star, but is actually an incredibly sleek 433 foot long superyacht that can accommodate over 200 guests during the day and sleep 36 guests at night. Check out the gallery up in BSA.

5. This must have been really scary for these fishermen. A shark decided that is was a good idea to chew this inflatable boat up! The guys on the boats were extremely nervous but not enough to stop filming the whole thing? Check it out!

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