Did You Like LEGOS As A Kid? Then You'll LOVE This Superyacht Project!

Author: designboom
Source: DesignBoom
Date: June 16, 2016

There?s no shortage of yacht designs, for every conceivable need or want there exists, somewhere, an ideal vessel. but, for each requirement met there are others that must be foregone. after a particularly revelatory father-daughter LEGO session, nautical designer max zhivov developed a work-around to the issue of conflicting desires.

?MYBO? takes classic LEGO thinking and applies it to a single vessel designed by zhivov. from one base model, yachts(wo)men can pick and choose details to form six unique ships for various functional needs. this is accomplished by shifting the positions of several constructive elements ? the top wheelhouse, and 2x4m hull side-openings. whether searching for a family cruiser, corporate schmoozer, or mini cargo freighter, the ?MYBO? system makes it possible.

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