Do You Believe? The Most Amazing Bermuda Triangle Mysteries

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Date: March 03, 2016

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as The Devil's Triangle is one of the world's most famous, or now infamous locations. For centuries the unexplained mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle have captured the imagination of millions.

The Bermuda Triangle is an area of the Atlantic ocean that lies between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami and covers over 500,000 square miles. This triangular shaped area is responsible for a disproportionately high number of ships and planes passing through disappearing without a trace.

Since records began in 1851 an amazing 8,127 people have been lost without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle. What makes things even more perplexing is that in the cases where vessels have been found, the crew were nowhere to be seen.

With eerie accounts of strange lights in the sky, dating back to Christopher Columbus himself, we can see why the triangle is renowned for being more than a little unnerving for all who attempt to cross it.

Are there explanations?

There have been many a potential explanation for the goings on within the triangle. One such suggestion is a heavy extraterrestrial presence in this area; many a conspiracy theorists believe that there is an alien underwater base located somewhere in the triangle.

Some say that Atlantis lies below the triangle and holds secret powers of its own, and a favourite theory of renowned scientist Stephen Hawking's is that there may be vortices here which could act as gateways to different dimensions.

Some even say that this is where the Devil walks the earth, hence the name Devil's Triangle.

Countering the paranormal and extraterrestrial, there is of course the meteorological explanations. Weather could play a massive part in the disappearance of a lot of these vessels, as well as equipment failure accompanied by human error.

Looking at some of the mysteries of the triangle in a little more depth may help us figure out what happened. These incidents are straight out of a horror movie but what is truly terrifying about these accounts to me, is that they are real.

What Happened to Flight 19?

This is one of the most famous disappearances in the triangle and a prime example of the goings on.

On December 5, 1945, five US Navy 'Avenger bombers' mysteriously vanished whilst running a routine training mission. Lieutenant Charles Taylor was in command of this squadron - he kept in constant contact via radio updating upon the mission exercises until, without warning mid-sentence, nothing was heard.

The air force quickly dispatched a rescue plane to the area which also never made it back from the Bermuda Triangle.

The US Navy reported the investigation as ?cause unknown?.

What happened to the Marie Celeste?

?In 1872 also on December 5th (coincidence..?) a Cargo ship left New York harbour. The number of passengers on board was 11.

However, she never made it to her destination. Another ship found the Marie Celeste undamaged yet adrift in the Bermuda triangle. All passengers were missing - but personal belongings were still in lockers and there was still rotten remnants of food left on plates.

The ship was also still fully loaded with cargo that negates the theory of hijack for goods.

What happened to the USS Cyclops?

The USS Cyclops was a United States collier ship that was commissioned during World War I to aid the efforts of the British Navy. The ship was sent down to Brazil to aid in the fueling of the British ships.

On 4 of March 1918, she was known to have been anchored just off the coast of Barbados. This was the last time that this iron giant was ever seen or heard of again.

Records show that there was no SOS call made, no wreckage or even evidence of the ship?s existence left, let alone its demise. This is the US Navy's largest loss of life at sea. There were 306 crew aboard the ship.

It is worth noting that in 1941 - The USS Proteus and USS Nereus who were involved in bolstering the allied navy also vanished, just like the USS Cyclops previously did.

What happened to the Marine Sulphur Queen?

Marine Sulphur Queen was a T2 tanker built in 1944. In 1960, this 600 foot monster was converted into a carrier for molten sulphur.

On February 2nd 1963, the Marine Sulphur Queen set out on her her ill fated journey laden with over 15000 tons of molten sulphur and 39 crew aboard.

February 4th was the last day that the world acknowledged her existence. In exactly the same vein as flight 19, after initiating a routine radio communication, the transmission mysteriously cut out mid sentence. Nothing else was ever heard or seen of this gigantic tanker again.

What happened to the Ellen Austin?

My favourite of all the unexplained mysteries and one that is certainly worthy of its own movie!

Back in 1881 - The Ellen Austin was sailing through the triangle on its way to New York when she came upon another ship that was sailing without a single crew member aboard. In an effort to transport both ships back to their destination the Ellen Austin offloaded a portion of its own crew onto the other ship.

The Ellen Austin lost sight of the other ship over the horizon temporarily over the course of the journey back but all was well when they eventually caught up with the ship again that had unexpectedly dropped anchor ahead of them. When the Ellen Austen lashed up again with the ship to find out what happened, they found to their horror that their own crew had vanished and the ship was once again crewless.

The Ellen Austin decided to leave a few more sailors on the ship to await a salvage ship but the salvage ship never found the her.. It had again disappeared without a trace along with its crew.

This is widely regarded as the 'real' ghost ship of the sea. A demonic trap set to capture the souls of sailors.

This was just a snippet of reported cases! Who knows what else has occurred here that we do not know about.

Even today!

There have even been reports from both British and American Navy ship alike that have both claimed to have received radio transmissions from vessels that don't exist on any of today's shipping rosters. These transmissions are coming from ships that don't exist!

These haunting trace transmissions are certainly mysterious - could they be echos of those lost ships?

As you can see, even to this day there is many a story that we still have no answer to. Even with the best of today's technology attached to our latest battleships we are still unable to figure the meaning or origins of radio transmissions and radar pings that are occurring in the Bermuda Triangle.

Even some of the modern shipping and aviation authorities are still enforcing routes that navigate around the darker areas of the triangle.

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