Do You Know How Much Does Parking A Superyacht Costs? Take This As An Example!

Author: Maria Morales
Date: June 08, 2015

The arriving of ?Samar? superyacht in the Beirut?s Zaitunay Bay marina cached the eye of the Beirut Report team. The superyacht is 77m and is one of the biggest yachts ever to dock in the marina.

So they wondered, how much money is the Solidere marina making for this unusual parking?

Well, it seems that the marina has charged $1.60 per square meter over the last 50 years and the marina is at least 66,000 square meters resulting in a government fee of $100,000 a year!

And what about superyachts such as Samar? Well a 30m yacht would pay $638 a day, a month? $17,000 and a year? $200,000.

If we do the math, Samar would pay at least $400,000 a year just in parking? Still mad about parking fees for your car?

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