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We believe that beauty and performance are inseparable values that together enable the ship-owner to enjoy the very best sensations every minute of his life a board.

The Sun Decks on the Darwin Class yachts are superior in size to those on other vessels of a corresponding length: from 40sqm on the Darwin 86, the sundeck has become for all intents and purposes a true deck on which one can relax, have lunch, sunbathe or simply entertain a number of guests for a cocktail or party aboard.

Thanks to the large beam, the Darwin Class is able to accommodate a much larger tender than those usually found aboard yachts of the same length.

Depending on the type of motor and propulsion chosen, the Darwin Class vessels are able to embark up to a 6m of tender on the 86 foot model. This is manageable thanks to the standard equipment 1000kg capacity davit.

The Darwin class vessels are equipped with zero speed adaptable electric stabilizers which render navigation and stops at anchor smoother, reducing roll up to 70% and eliminating the inevitable noise of a hydraulic system.

The stabilizers are closed in watertight casings in the engine room guaranteeing excellent standards of safety and isolation. The electric system facilitates a rapid response from the outstanding fins thus improving efficiency and above all reducing the maintenance required by the traditional system.

We produce vessels that neither fear the sea nor weather, born to render even the most difficult voyage safe and comfortable thanks to their sturdiness and technology.

The solid, deep skegs support and duct the shafts while their form also perfectly protects the rudders and propellers from accidental shocks with semi submerged objects and the seabed in shallow waters, thereby reducing these risks to a minimum.

Life at sea equates with having liberty. Thanks to progress in design and applied technologies the Darwin Class is able to reach exceptionally high levels of excellence in cruising range, stability and maneuverability: three characteristics that are key to independence at sea.

The twin independently controlled NFU/FFU rudders offer incredible maneuverability enabling complete 360? rotation from a single point aboard the vessel. When accosting, the independent rudders enable the rudders and motors to be contrasted as necessary thereby rendering use of the maneuver thrusters almost superfluous.

The engine room is the heart of the Darwin Class and reflects the essence of space, functionality, ease of maintenance, sturdiness and cleanliness in every sense. The ample spaces together with highly optimised organisation facilitate easy maintenance management of each plant, even in navigation.

From the Cupro Nickel piping to the remote controlled valves and parallel automatic generators, each and every detail in the engine room has been designed and constructed following criteria that are usually used on exceptionally high quality vessels exceeding 40 metres. Furthermore the standard water (black and grey) and bilge sludge treatment systems utilise plants tested on mercantile ships on which usage is intense and 24hours a day.

Due to the optimization of the total space available, both the interiors and exteriors of the vessel are extremely spacious and welcoming. The particularly intelligent distribution of these spaces provide the Darwin class with storage, living and operation areas that are comfortable and functional both for the ship-owner and their guests, and the crew.

The minimum height of 2.10 m and the ample windows render the Darwin Class incredibly comfortable and bright while maintaining a solid marine style for the exterior. The spaces for storage and operations are studied by staff at Cantiere delle Marche with years of navigation experience together with the ship-owners? crew: On the Darwin Class, nothing is realised in the technical office without direct interaction with operation

The inferior part of the hull is constructed from 12 mm steel sheets which are much thicker than required. This ensures safe navigation in any weather conditions while also offering increased stability by concentrating weight at a lower point.

The sheets on the underwater hull are 8mm on the inferior part and 12mm in the reinforced parts, despite the fact that the certification entity only requires these to be 5mm. The underwater hull in carbon steel (RINA certification grade A) and the superstructure in light aluminum 5083 lower the centre of gravity of the vessel increasing safety and stability.

Each and every vessel in the Darwin class is characterized by its anchor hawse pipes and masconi, which are completely covered in stainless steel as is the bow trim.

The sheets used to dress the bow, hawse pipes and bow protection plates are 12mm Stainless steel AISI 316L, polished to reflect.

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