Ever Wondered If 298 Lb Sharks Can Jump? Well Here's Your Answer.....

Source: Daily Mail
Date: January 13, 2016

This is the incredible moment a Mako shark propelled itself from the water alongside a fishing boat and reached heights of up to 12 feet ? terrifying the fisherman on board.
The close-encounter was captured on camera and showed the fisherman holding his rod from the side of his small boat near Huntington Beach, California.

At first, the 50-second clip shows everything to be calm and the vessel merely floats on the surface of the water while the fisherman attempts to hook a fish.

Suddenly however, a huge shark leaps from the water and causes the video maker and fisherman to recoil in terror.
The man with the rod then turns to the filmmaker and screams at him to get the boat out of the way, fearing the shark could land on board.

His worst fears are almost confirmed moments later as the shark again leaps from the water, a matter of feet from the back of the vessel.

The boat then begins to speed away from the scene but the big fish hasn?t quite finished entertaining the crew and leaps into the air twice more.

The shark shows incredible athleticism as it propels itself out of the water ? it back-flips through the air and reaches a height of around 12 feet.
Meanwhile, on board the boat the fisherman can be heard saying: ?Go. Go. Get away from this fish.?

The video concludes with shark heading off to the right of the frame as the filmmaker laughs in relief.

The Mako shark, also known as Blue pointer, is a large mackerel shark and the fastest of the species.

It is a fairly large fish and adult specimens can measure around 10 feet in length and can reach weights of up to 298 lb.

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