Exclusive Pictures Of Star Wars Episode VIII Being Filmed Onboard A Mega Yacht!

Source: Daily Mail
Date: March 16, 2016

It doesn't look like it would quite make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.
But the Sea Star has just become part of Star Wars lore nonetheless.
The event ship became the latest setting for Episode VIII on Tuesday as shooting for the follow up to The Force Awakens continued in Croatia.

Dozens of director Rian Johnson's cast and crew crammed onto the mega-yacht as it set sail off Dubrovnik.
The scene seemed to be a continuation of those filmed in the Adriatic beauty spot all last week.

Dozens of cast appeared dressed as dignitaries as they socialist aboard the cruise, likely set on a planet not yet encountered in Star Wars canon thus far.

Each was dressed in beautiful and ornate costume; with the women wearing flowing robes and dresses.

Interestingly, many of the women present wore their hair in elaborate side buns, not to dissimilar from a certain Princess turned General.

Many of the men meanwhile were possibly dressed in formal military uniforms, consisting of black suits and broad white sashes.

Groups of characters stood around silver and gold tables chatting, but all attention seemed to be on the back of the boat where a 12 foot high screen blocked view from the shore.

At the front of the boat, a four foot high green screen ran across the length of the deck, which digital artists would be able to replace with whatever the finished scene calls for in post production; presumably lengthening the dimensions of the vessel.

But it was two humanoid aliens who appeared to be the focus of the scene, as they conversed by a rail at the rear of the ship.

While cameras rolled and filmed the general atmosphere of the scene, the boom mikes were reserved for these two alone.

One was tall and reptilian with a number of narrow tusks protruding from his nose; the other was shorter and was possibly wearing a mask.
Both were hooded in black cloaks, not a million miles away from those formerly favoured by the Sith.

The reptilian one was also filmed without his hooded cloak, revealing a striking white suit, as well as a ring of white hair and a balding crown, suggesting he was aged

It also appeared he only had one eye, visible on the left side of his face but not on his right.

Over the weekend, further scenes featuring the same dignitary-looking crowd were shot on the mainland.

In one spectacular scene, two formally dressed men made their way to a landspeeder and were just about to take off in in when they dived out, right before it exploded.

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