£200M British Boat May Get Stuck With THIS Hilarious Name!

Date: March 21, 2016

The National Environment Research Council has a new boat. It's a big boat and a powerful one at that. At 128 metres long and hefty price tag of ?200M to build, the polar explorer is expected to traverse the Arctic and Antarctic starting in 2019, all while carrying up to 90 scientists and support staff.

So why did NERC think that opening up an online poll to name it was a great idea? They clearly forgot that the Internet is not a place for respect or gravitas.

On Friday, NERC posted the latest results and one name is winning by a fair margin: The RRS Boaty McBoatface.

This is hilarious, and the success of the sabotage inspired even more people to vote. NERC's site crashed from all the traffic when people rushed to vote Boaty in. Someone has even opened a Twitter account in Boaty McBoatface's name and is campaigning for themselves!

What a chuckle of a story!

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