Expensive Yachts Crash Compilation, That Will Make You CRINGE!

Author: Jeremy Patterson
Source: speedsociety
Date: November 28, 2016

For the super-wealthy among us, yachting is the next level automotive hobby. These luxury vessels, costing anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars to several million, ferry those on board to destinations around the world in the poshest of quarters and usually include a full staff and crew to operate the yacht. Among the crew is a highly-trained and well qualified captain to oversee the actual piloting of the boat, but even captains with years of training and experience have their ?off? days, as you will see in these clips.

While most of these incidents are low-speed bumps that occur while trying to dock these floating palaces in tight quarters, an admittedly tedious and difficult task for the most sea-worthy pilot, some some of them seem to be a pure lack of focus, especially the last two clips. The next to last video is especially curious, as it takes place on the open sea, where there are literally thousands of square miles of open space, yet somehow these two sizable ships mange to run almost head-on into each other. As the caption on the video supposes, perhaps neither yacht had a crewman standing watch, allowing them to plow into each other at painfully high speeds.

Give this video a watch if for no other reason than the passive-aggressive satisfaction that comes from watching extremely wealthy people?s stuff getting banged up.

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