Extreme Makeover: From Indonesian Phinisi Boat To Dragoon 130 Luxury Yacht

Author: designboom
Source: designboom
Date: May 06, 2016

Originally used to transport cement from sulawesi, the italian architect sergio supino has transformed this typical indonesian phinisi boat into the ultimate luxury party yacht.

Dragoon 130 is a new eco-friendly vessel made entirely out of teak wood. The contemporary shape was a result of two years hard work and ongoing tweaks to the boat?s form, the stern needed to be increased by roughly four meters, resulting in a long curving figure. high quality materials have been applied throughout with the interior design, which features ebony, eco leather, led lighting and a full home automation system.

The yacht?s customized lounge decks are a relaxing spot to enjoy the balinese sunset, while gearing up to party alongside top international djs.

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