Faith in humanity restored: This couple spent $8 million on a rescue boat to save inmigrants

Author: Joseph Gibson
Date: May 26, 2015

Usually when we post about a couple buying an $8 million yacht, we?re talking about an extremely luxurious and impressive yacht.

Well Christopher Catrambone and his wife Regina bought an even more impressive boat, one called ?Phoenix? with one job for it: Rescuing immigrants.

They decided to do this after their own luxury private vacations on a regular yacht, where they experienced firsthand the difficulties that immigrants go through in the Middle East crossing the Mediterranean Sea in order to get to Europe.

According to Chris and Regina, the first knowledge of these matters came in the form of a life jacket, one that belonged to a drowned refugee. And just one of the 3,500 to drown in the attempt to cross the Mediterranean.

The ?Phoenix? has two drone cameras and crew for 20 people, it will sail between Lybia and Italy to find marooned or wrecked sailors along that treacherous route.

On the first voyage, they rescued 271 people!

Way to go for incredible couple, may we all learn a little bit from them.

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