Federico Fiorentino Is Taking "THE BELAFONTE" To The Next Level Teaming Up With Van Oossanen

Author: CharterworldTeam
Source: Charterworld
Date: September 08, 2015

Federico Fiorentino unveiled the ?BELAFONTE? concept a few months ago with a huge success, but now they are taking the concept to a new level.

Now, Mr. Perry Van Oossanen of the renowned Van Oossanen Naval Architecture firm, invested time and resources into a preliminary study of the vessel.

The numbers of the study on The Belafonte yacht are typical of those found on the FDHF patent, which, as it is known by many professionals in the yachting business, can grant amazing performance improvements of up to 30% in displacement speed ranges and up to 20% in semi-displacement speed ranges.

In addition to the amazing top speed of 30 knots and more, there are important fuel savings obtainable thanks to the FDHF patent at lower speeds, making The Belafonte yacht concept suitable as a transatlantic yacht at 13 knots and push her beyond the transpacific barrier at 9 knots. Not a speed for every day commuting, but still a playable card if desired and requested.

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