First Of Its Kind: The Foldable Floating Island Boat!

Author: designboom
Source: designboom
Date: July 22, 2016

Requiring little space in marinas or docks, ?fines? by austrian-based studio formquadrat is a foldable, multi-hull concept for 4-6 people. The flexible boat, complete with folded hull option offers optimal traveling dimensions that when unfolded has more space and freedom to move around on deck than most boats. Based on the notion of creating a mobile, individual well being oasis, the floating device gives on the option of leaving overcrowded beaches behind, while still having enough space and comfort. The three section hull is arranged according to use, when it is closed, the three elements are interlocked into each other, creating a compact size of 2.6m wide and 7m long. In this closed state the desired destination can be reached quickly and efficiently.

When the location has been reached, the tucked away boot is raised by a tense rope, pressing the side hull elements to a width of 7 meters apart. Large lounging areas in the front can also be pulled out, creating chairs and a table ? with a fully integrated grill for cooking inserted into the middle. Swivel components provide additional stability and help to make an open and spacious area with a lower level at the back ? the system is constructed so it aligns to the waves, yet remains stable.

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