Five Concept Yachts That Might Actually Get Built!

Author: Diane M. Byrne
Source: robbreport
Date: September 02, 2016

In the yachting world, concepts often come from young designers hoping to break into the business by enticing an owner to commission their design. While these novices bring welcome new ideas to the forefront, there?s unfortunately a significant problem with some of the designs: They?re drawn without adhering to, and sometimes even understanding, marine engineering requirements and regulatory restrictions. Anecdotes throughout yachting recount the tales of potential owners falling in love with a look, only to learn the hard way that it can?t be built as planned. The five superyacht concepts that follow are the exception to that rule. Each of these can indeed become reality, because proven naval architects and yacht designers created them. In fact, four of them even feature the backing of shipyards that are ready to begin construction.

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