Forget Helipads, This Yacht Comes With Its Own Private Jet! [Gallery]

Author: Jared Paul Stern
Source: Justluxe
Date: September 29, 2015

Carrying a helicopter in your yacht has been the ultimate sign of luxury and wealth? Until now.

Russian designer Vasily Klyukin made the Monaco 2050, a yacht that features its own private jet!

The futuristic vessel is designed to allow a small private jet to hover above a specially-built deck so that it can take off at a moment?s notice.

?I truly believe that we (can) create a future giving?engineers direction to think,? Klyukin told CNN. ?The upper deck is part of the yacht and the independent aircraft at the same time. If necessary, it will rise upwards with the help of the screws embedded in the wings, becoming a helicopter. (It?s not possible) to cross the Atlantic or to fly to Hong Kong by helicopter. Therefore, after gaining the necessary altitude and speed, it?s possible to turn on the jet engines and even go overseas.?

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