Franco Gianni's SC 154 Supercat!

Franco Gianni designed this 47m concept cat with the intention of redefining the perception of catamarans that usually offer performance compromising luxury.

?The reason our office went towards catamarans originally was to show what these multihulls are really capable of,? says Gianni. ?In the past couple of decades nobody?s really done a large multihull with very fluid, flowing lines. They?ve always been these big expedition style boats, that are very nice, very seaworthy, but no-body?s ever been able to sit at the dock and compare them to the other luxury yachts. The public has been very hesitant about moving into these kind of boats because of that.?

?We wanted to show a boat that would go anywhere in the world, do anything that you wanted it to, but yet was very stylish.?

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