From Fishing Boat To Ice Skating Boat... This Is A-MA-ZING

Author: Joel Buxton
Source: Cottagelife
Date: December 29, 2015

The WillCFish YouTube channel is a great resource for fishing tips and strategies for the serious angler. But during the off-season, they also let their hair down, as this charming video shows.

He has managed to outfit a small metal fishing boat for use on the frozen lake, though it?s not a design you can expect to see in catalogues anytime soon.

The boat is a simple Jon Boat with pipe runners attached. The engine is mounted to a centrifugal clutch which spins a round table saw blade. The blade cuts into the ice, pushing the boat forward on the slippery surface.

While the contraption is certainly fun to watch drifting around the ice, it?s highly impractical for anything but the most perfect of conditions.

After the first snowfall, it?s unlikely that the saw blade would be able to dig in enough to get some forward motion going. The boat?s metal runners would also create too much friction against snow.

Still, projects like this aren?t about inventing the next snowmobile, but rather having fun while remembering that fishing season is just around the corner?although maybe someone should tell these guys about ice fishing!

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