Get Ready: More About The INCREDIBLE "Moonstone" Oceanco Project! [VIDEO]

OCEANCO unveiled more details about the impressive new 90-metre luxury mega yacht project, presented at the presently running Dubai International Boat Show. MOONSTONE represents the latest and very distinctive creation by OCEANCO in collaboration with Van Geest Design, with innovative and artful features. What makes MOONSTONE stand out amongst other yachts that are similar in size, is her uniquely conceived ?faceted? hull sides, combined with the elegant lines that suggest a hypnotic glamour seen in the multiple surfaces of a finally cut precious stone.

This distinctive facet motif can be found throughout other areas of the yacht and is also used in conjunction with special lighting effects. MOONSTONE is not only striking in her design, but has also been engineered to be PYC-compliant and able to accommodate considerably more than the ?usual? twelve guests on board. She could well be a perfect private yacht for an owner who wishes to entertain and accommodate large parties of guests, or a fabulous charter yacht available for event charters and not only.

The lighting design features incorporated into the concept include the backlit surface of the overhead panel, which is linked to fish-eye cameras that can capture the magic of a night sky, a sunset or a sunrise, or their reflection on the water. This type of technology is also very versatile and can be utilised to affect many colours, moods or ambiences.

The hull side facets include customised panel lights triggered by 300 individually dimmable white triangles per hull side. These panels will generate endless lighting possibilities and effects.

The swimming pool and the hot tub have also been fitted with innovative lighting systems, where the lights of the walls of the pool can be dimmed, generating a welcoming glow. And last but not least, the horizontal boot stripe lighting plays with the water line of the yacht.

MOONSTONE has been designed and engineered based on the Oceanco 90m platform, utilising its efficient and proven technical layout. The general arrangements have been designed with flexibility in mind, and include a complete owner?s deck, a large gymnasium and a spa area, a cinema and a touch-and-go helipad.

If you are wondering about the energy to be used for the hull side panels, than you do not need to worry: the hull light panels are designed to be self-sufficient thanks to the 70 square metres of standard solar panels on top of the superstructure. One day of sunshine, will illuminate and dim the panels for approximately three hours at night.

Another special feature of the yacht is her plumb bow, which boasts an integrated mooring and anchoring bay, keeping the bow area clear and uncluttered.

Future Owner(s) and guests will enjoy the huge sky deck lounge with magnificent 360? views of the yacht surroundings. The made-to-measure exterior deck furniture is designed to be modular, lightweight, clean and chic, requiring little maintenance and be easy to use. This will allow for further flexibility on deck, depending on the lifestyle aboard.

The unfolding navigation wings, which spread out laterally like wings suspended in mid-air, will increase visibility. Side platforms located forward provide easy access to the selection of water toys and rescue tenders. Aft side platforms, on the other hand, offer access to two main guest tenders and an outdoor lounge play area.

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