Have A Large Crew? Well This Speedboat Won't Mind!

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Source: DesignBoom
Date: December 15, 2015

Blu martin yachts and marine design studio tecnico rivelini presents their latest robust and modular boat ? the ?evo 43?. lightweight and easy to steer, it?s 13 meters long hull is shaped to be remarkably fast, reaching speeds of up to 68 km/h from two 320kW volvo engines.

Using infusion structural techniques to avoid defects and extensive nautical design software to perform an array of simulations, the engineers managed to save 20% of the weight needed for the ?evo 43?.

The most thrilling feature of the vessel is the rear platform expansion. It features expandable wings which added 40 percent more surface area to accommodate more passengers. the deck also includes built in deckchairs and a diving platform that extends into the sea. the interior of the ?evo 43? has the possibility for different custom configurations which include a double cabin with closets, a bathroom and a dining area.

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