Have You Ever Seen A Sea Palace?

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Source: Luxatic
Date: December 18, 2015

Introducing the magnificent Icon Selazzio 95 Sea Palace, a stunning superyacht concept by Austrian design studio Motion Code: Blue. The project is a collaboration with established shipbuilder ICON Yachts, and is so spacious and opulent that it has been dubbed a ?floating mansion.?

And rightly so! This marvelous explorer yacht boasts ample deck space, with multiple hot tubs and swimming pools, making it ideal for extravagant social gatherings. Spanning over three floors, the so-called ?beach house? is certain to be at the heart of any party. This area features a sizeable Jacuzzi with a waterfall, two vertical gardens, a bar, a spa with saunas, and even a hamman, while just above the Jacuzzi there?s a large swimming pool which can be turned into a helipad. As another cool touch, this pool has a ring-shaped video screen around it which can be used as a movie screen.

If the features and facilities on the outside are any indication, Icon Selazzio 95 Sea Palace has been designed as a massive, luxurious floating entertainment venue, so we can only imagine the inside has the same qualities. We can actually only imagine, because only information and images regarding the outside have been released so far. Either way, the yacht looks truly amazing, and we hope the two companies working on the concept intend to actually build it ? sooner rather than later, if possible!

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