Have You Ever Seen The 1.7 Million ZR 48 Corvette Power Boat In Action?

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Source: NetCarZone
Date: January 07, 2016

We like to enjoy something different once in a while, and get some fresh air of every last one of motors and engines out there and enjoy ourselves in something else ? boats! At the same time, we are interested in not any boats, we are discussing only boats

with very high price and amazing horse power arrangement. We are going to present you the ZR 48 Corvette Powerboat.
A Corvette is amazing powerboat, and price is $1.7 million if zou did not read it closely. Its fabricated by Marine Technology Incorporated and a maker is placed in Tennessee. You can fly over the waters at over 200 kilometers per hour while sitting calm in a Corvette cockpit. Remember this name ? ZR 48 Corvette! It is astonishing and something every billionair must have. It is very comfortable and you can live here if you want.

It is bigger than conventual size boats and it incorporates a custom trailer. This is certainly something that you require when you need to visit new areas in an opposite direction of your work, and you can still have very high octanes! In the event that you have 1 point 7 million dollars, this is the thing that you can buy for sure. An astounding ZR 48 Corvette Boat that is not like those slow boats you frequently see every day.

This is to a greater level a torpedo when you see it in the water. Also it is very poweful and effective, as well as beautiful and stunning with cool design.

No big surprise why it costs so much. This powerboat is carbon fibered and its strength sound amazing. Watch it in action below and enjoy. Do not forget to share video with your friends.

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