Have you met the eco-friendly "Adastra" Trimaran?

Author: Bill Springer
Source: Forbes
Date: May 20, 2015

Meet the ?Adastra?, it was born from the owner?s simple desire to be able to explore the far reaches of the globe, and also do it on board a yacht that was fast, seaworthy, comfortable, beautiful, self-sufficient, sexy and GREEN!

Maybe you?re thinking, ?There?s no way a yacht could have all that?. Well think again! Because ?Adastra? does.

?It was a really simple design brief,? says John to Forbes while being interviewed ?The owner is an experienced offshore trimaran sailor who wanted to convert to power. We knew a trimaran with long, narrow, balanced, and highly efficient main hull can be fast, stable in a seaway, and most importantly, incredibly fuel efficient as well.?

When asked about the design John says ?The lines just came to me and we had a basic sketch of what the boat was going to look like after our first day.?

?The fact that ?Adastra? turned out to be a ?game changer? was really just a happy coincidence,? he adds. ?Every aspect of this boat was owner focused. He came to us with a clear set of design parameters that encompassed some interesting elements, we came up with a design that performs beautifully and looks pretty cool too.?

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