Have You Met The Electric Boat Built By McLaren’s Design Boss?

Author: powerboatnation
Date: September 30, 2016

When you imagine an electric powerboat, let?s just be honest that whatever you?re picturing is neither good looking nor built for anything even remotely performance related. And this isn?t for no reason, electric boats of today are simply ugly, and more of a novelty dude to the concept of simply having an electric boat than anything else. Well it?s time to scrap that image and take a look at what McLaren?s design boss, Frank Stephenson, built last year.

Stephenson, best known for his designing of such automotive icons as the Mini Cooper, Ferrari F430 and the McLaren P1, took his talents to the world of boating and designed the most beautiful electric boat to ever grace any body of water.

The 31-foot Riverbreeze sports 35 total coats of lacquer giving it that immeasurable depth when looking at the wood grain finish and en electric powertrain that lets her glide smoothly and silently across the water like a beautiful, graceful woman.

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