Here's What We Know About The World's Most Expensive And Secretive Yacht!

Author: Rachel Jones
Source: bravotv
Date: May 17, 2016

No, it's not Paul Allen's 300-footer Tatoosh (which famously destroyed a Cayman reef in a shocking party foul). And it?s not even Azzam, which is the largest yacht in the world at nearly 600 feet. The title for the world?s most expensive yacht actually goes to Eclipse, the second biggest yacht in the world, according to Boat International.

Its Russian owner, Roman Abramovich is also the owner of the soccer team Chelsea FC... and the owner of three (let that sink in) other super yachts.

He?s very secretive about his boat and there are no images of the inside. This mysterious yacht has armor plating around its owners' master suite, and bullet-proof windows. There is said to be a missile-defense system for security and a laser system, so no paparazzi zoom lenses can catch any glimpses. He?s even got a few escape systems with two helicopter pads and a mini submarine.

Although it all seems very James Bond, Abramovich?s typical trips include docking up and hopping on his helicopter to mainland Scotland for a scenic bike ride while his staff walks his dog, and other laid-back trips like sightseeing in Turkey.

Not only are prying eyes kept completely away from the inside of the yacht, experts can't even seem to agree how much the vessel is worth. Estimates range everywhere from around $500 million to about $1.5 billion.

It took five years for London-based Terence Disdale to design the interior of this 532 foot yacht, and even though we can?t see the inside, there are a few known facts about well-hidden boat. It has between 70 and 90 crew and staff members (shout out to Below Deck Mediterranean!) and and somewhere in the range of 25 to 30 suites.

There are two pools, and one is the biggest yacht pool in the world at 52 feet long. If you?re not feeling like swimming, it can be converted to a dance floor... or you can enjoy the hot tub and sauna instead.

It seems Abramovich has designated the vessel as a boat that can be chartered ? but as he?s never let anyone rent it, many assume the move was strictly made for, ahem, creative tax purposes. If you do manage to come into some loot and ever actually rent Eclipse... just keep in mind a tank of gas in this baby is a mere $110,000.

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