Hydrogen Powered Waterbus? Is That Even Possible?

Author: designboom
Source: designboom
Date: July 22, 2016

Rethinking venetian water transport, svetlana mikhailova has envisioned ?mira?, a new hydrogen powered boat. The design offers a silent, eco-friendly engine, and is nearly twice as efficient as a standard diesel-fueled waterbus. Referencing the classic appearance of these ships, which hasn?t changed very much over the last century. The project takes the original proportions and dimensions of the ?vaporetto? to keep a sense of connection to its archetypal form. the name, ?mira?, which can be translated in italian as ?look, goal, target?, is appropriately taken from a little town near marghera, after an ancient tradition of calling the vehicles in honor of cities in the veneto region or islands in the lagoon.

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