Is Sybaris The Ultimate Sailing Superyacht?

Author: Bill Springer
Source: Forbes
Date: November 10, 2016

Sybaris is one of the largest superyachts ever built by the Italian craftsmen at Perini Navi and recently won ?Best Interior? at the Monaco Yacht Show.

But as I learned during a recent chat with Bill Duker in Monaco?the proud owner of this 230-foot-long, two-masted technological and architectural marvel?the awards the yacht might win hardly compare to the satisfaction he feels to have been able to build the boat of his dreams with a dream team of designers, builders, and engineers.

?The idea for this boat really began 22 years ago when my son West and I would sit in the cockpit of the 110-foot-long Palmer Johnson sailboat that we had then,? he says. ?West was six or seven at the time, and he was required to keep a journal so at the end of each day we could talk about where we were and also what the boat of our dreams would be like. We talked about where that boat would take us and what we what we wanted to learn about the rest of the world. Thinking about the design of that boat became his assignment and then it became our dream. As time passed we started to talk to builders.?

And the rest, as they say, is history.

He chose Perini Navi to design and build the hull with input from Philippe Briand on the hull lines and sail plan. He also chose the Dutch superyacht experts at Rondal to build its two carbon fiber masts (measuring 230-feet and 203-feet tall respectively) and rigging, and Duker is quick to point out building this yacht was truly a global team effort that included ?his? architects (PH Design of Miami) that had never designed a yacht interior before.

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