Is this Paradise Yacht Island even possible?

Author: Daily Mail Reporter
Source: Daily Mail
Date: April 17, 2015

This amazing super-yacht concept comes with its own functioning volcano and floating Tropical Island.

It was designed by British Boat builders Yacht Island Design, and it?s a 295 ft ship.

One of the main features is a waterfall that feeds the swimming pool, but there?s a lot more to see: helicopter landing pad, private beach cove, volcano, 10 guest accommodations, travel speed of 15 knots and cabanas surrounding the massive pool.

Inside the volcano you can find a cinema, library, games room, gym, spa and VIP suites.

If you get tired of all of this amenities you can always sail out into the sea on its very own floating island complete with deck chairs and palm trees.

There?s no price for it yet and it?s just a concept, but how much would you pay for something like this?

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