Is This The Future Of Yacht Design?

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Source: DesignBoom
Date: February 25, 2016

Dutch yacht design and engineering company sea level looks to the future of water travel by imagine a family voyage around the world using the ? CF8? concept. together with their cars and possessions, the 80 meter yacht would essential be a floating community and unlike traditional yachts, the hull and glass superstructure are inextricably linked together through a strong outer shape.

The downward lines from the upper section of the hull towards the bow gives the yacht a fast and aerodynamic shape.

The team also introduced a curved centre construction that counter poses the outer lines. sea level was influenced by an louwman exclusive cars showroom in the netherlands. the ?CF8? includes a 100 cubic meter area glass garage where cars can be embarked using an hydraulic platform.

With this, the owner will be able to choose the appropriate vehicle from his own collection for any occasion. for the feasibility of this design, sea level created a structural feature with a large centre line supporting beam through the entire ?CF8?.

The extreme width also offers great stability at sea that will offer maximum comfort to the guests and crew. onboard, the owners will experience an indoor and outdoor atmosphere that never existed in superyachts.

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