Join The NO ENGINE Journey Of The Liteboat: A Magic Paddle Race To Alaska

Author: Liteboat
Source: Liteboat
Date: June 30, 2016

Liteboat launches in 2016 in a scale project: take part in a single race in the world, the Race To Alaska.

The rules are simple: to start off Seattle (USA) with an engine without boat (sailing, paddle, pedal, oars are of course welcome !) For a 1200km journey to Alaska without outside assistance.

For this project we developed in collaboration with Sam Manuard, the architect of Liteboat, a shipping trimaran prototype that combines sailing and rowing.

Starting a shell LiteRace, our ship is dedicated to sea rowing, all Liteboat team worked to design the best tool to allow Mathieu Bonnier, founder Liteboat, arriving Alaska in the best conditions.

Following its launch in February at the Lake Bourget (Savoie) , here is the teaser of this adventure.

Also discover Facebook Page dedicated to the project on this site.

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