Looking For A New House? What About Your Own Eco-Friendly Island!

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Date: December 01, 2015

Sustainability and ecology are the key priorities for the team behind the truly unique Island(E)motion, a joint project between Milena Cvijanovich and Denis Muller of Swiss firm MCM Designstudio and Australia-based company Future Island.

The new design is part of an innovative series dubbed the 'Floating Island' range, defined by the concept of a 'sustainable luxury lifestyle' that harmonises a luxury experience with a kinship with and respect for the natural world.
"Be free to explore beyond the horizon," says Cvijanovich. "harnessing the power of the wind, the sun and the waves."

The Floating Island yachts can boast an ecological footprint that is 60 percent less than that of a traditional yacht.

Island(E)motion's commitment to sustainability is demonstrated by the use of both recycled and recyclable construction materials for its superstructure. The roof and decks, meanwhile, are a marvel in allowing for a sand beach and real palm trees. The yacht can also filter rain water and provide insulation.

The energy required to power the yacht is generated by a combination of thermal and electronic solar panels, as well as wind and wave energy. Also, advanced propeller technology along with hydrogen and LNG fuel systems serve to reduce consumption.
Despite all this, luxury onboard is impressively retained.

With an LOA of up to 200 metres and a beam of up to 40 metres, Island(E)motion is all about volume. Boasting no less than seven living decks, each space can be adapted and sculpted to taste, while the 180-metre model offers owner's quarters with a retractable roof, private helipad and pool along with, impressively, an indoor pool that can be converted into a dance floor.

The yacht's layout is such that it can host events as diverse as fashion shows, music concerts, art exhibitions and shopping.

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